To make a booking at St. Eth's Fulham:


  1. Read the documents: Terms and Conditions of Hire and Hire Charges.
  2. Go to the calendar page. Check availability. Click on New Booking and fill in the form.

Note: If you have any queries, please contact the Hall Bookings management team at


Please observe the following points as it will help you when making your booking.

  • Please ensure you have booked enough time to set up at the beginning and clearing up after your event.
  • Please make sure that your payment is with St Eth's at least 7 days before your event.
  • If you have an alcohol licence form that must be signed off by the Management Committee please ensure the Hall Bookings Manager receives the paperwork 7 days before your event is due to take place.
  • Please read through the "Terms and Conditions of Hire" which includes all necessary information.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Thank you.

Hall Bookings Manager

St. Eth's Fulham

Documents: There are PDF documents which can be viewed online or printed out