Acme Community Centre: Online Booking

Welcome to the Acme Community Centre

Our Community Centre accommodates large functions such as weddings, graduations and concerts in our beautiful main auditorium, and smaller events such as corporate meetings or family reunions in our meeting rooms. We have a full AHS Approved Kitchen & Bar Facilities available for rent. Our spacious bar serves into the Main Auditorium . 

The entire facility is ground level and easily accessible. The facility has wi-fi available throughout for internet access.

To schedule a walk-through or to answer any questions or concerns you have about the facility, please contact us at

For more details on the facility, room sizes, and occupancy rates, please visit our website at


To make a booking at Acme Community Centre:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Go to the calendar page. Check availability. Click on New Booking and fill in the form.
    • If you're wanting to book the Double Meeting room, please select both “Single Meeting Room” options.
    • If you're wanting to book the Full Facility, please select ALL room options.
  3. When asked for a password, create a password that you can use to log in an make changes to your booking. 
    You need this password in the event you need change or cancel your booking.

Note: If you have any questions, please contact the Village of Acme Office at 403-546-3783.

Photos of our Facilities

Commercial Kitchen

Main Auditorium - Seats up to 654

Main Auditorium with Stage

Bar that opens into Main Auditorium

Facility Floor Plan


North Meeting Room

South Meeting Room

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