Accept Online Payments with PayPal or Stripe

Does your venue have a PayPal or Stripe account? If so, you can link it to your invoices.

When you send an invoice, it will include a link to your PayPal or Stripe account to make an online payment.

When the payment goes through, our system will send you an email informing you that an invoice has been paid.

We will also log the transaction number with the invoice.

Remember: you don't have to accept online payment. You can continue with existing methods - BACS or cheque.

PayPal and Stripe integration is included for free with your venue's subscription to Hall Booking Online.


Does Hall Booking Online take a commission from our payments?

No. We have no access to your PayPal or Stripe account and we do not charge any commission.

Does our venue have to take payments online?

No. You can use other methods - such as BACS (Bank Transfer) or cheque.

If we use online payments, can we still accept payment by other methods?

Yes. You can edit the PDF invoice template to list the ways your venue accepts payment.

How to I know when a payment has been made?

We will send an automatic email that an invoice payment has been received. We will also log the transaction number so that you can cross-reference with your PayPal / Stripe account.

Is PayPal / Stripe integration available in the 60-day evaluation?

Yes. Your evaluation pages will be fully functional.

How much does the online payment add-on cost?

There's no extra charge. It's included with all subscriptions to Hall Booking Online.

Move your hall booking online.

Increase bookings and reduce your Bookings Secretary's workload!

Use our 60-day no-commitment free trial. You don't need to pay in advance.

After your evaluation period, we're confident that you'll want to use our services!

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